Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Those of you who know me understand the title of my blog. For the rest of you, I will explain. I am a specialist in childhood kidney diseases. In addition to taking care of patients, I do research on the kidney, and I teach others about kidney function and disease.
My motto has been "urine is golden."
People just don't realize how golden urine is until they can't make it anymore.
I decided to blog for a variety of reasons, including my new adventure as editor of ASN Kidney News, the new magazine for the American Society of Nephrology. I am trying to explore "new" media and get a feel for everything out on the internet. Next thing you know I will start a page on Facebook or something similar (that will mortify my children).
As I am a complete blogging newbie, I haven't figured out how often I will post or how random my thoughts will be. I'm looking forward to having my own soapbox on the web.