Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been an interesting 2 weeks since I last updated my blog. First, I've experienced every respiratory virus in the area since returning from vacation. At least they didn't spoil Hawaii!

Next, I spent a week on the clinical service. Lots of patients wanted my immediate attention last week, even though my head was imprisoned in snot!

I am beginning to explore other web venues for use in pleasure and business. I now have a page on FaceBook, primarily for personal stuff, and my page on LinkedIn for professional postings. I also signed up with Twitter (see tweets at right) although I must admit I don't quite get it. "They" keep saying how addictive it is, but it hasn't pulled me in the way FaceBook did.

I will keep playing with all of this stuff, because I am a bit of a techno geek. Maybe someone out there will share with me their use of Twitter (or similar microblogs) and how it makes their life better.

BTW, the photo above is a red-crested or Brazilian cardinal. Got a shot of this guy while we were climbing up Diamondhead.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Times for Golden Thoughts!


Really enjoyed my vacation in Hawaii. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay was really the best - we even got to see a white mouth moray eel as well as the usual tangs and wrasses.

My baby, ASN Kidney News, was officially published in January. It wasn't quite as difficult as childbirth, but the analogy is a good one. The March issue is almost complete, so preparations for May are beginning in earnest.

Click on the ASN link to see a PDF of the first issue!