Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Last Day of a Meeting

I have the privilege of attending a number of biomedical meetings throughout the year, and the misfortune to often be programmed on the final day.

Remember Charlotte's Web? The fair is ending and the magic of Wilbur's win is still fresh in his mind. He then finds out that Charlotte won't be returning to the farm with him.

I'm reminded of that bittersweet moment as I look around at abandoned brochures and notices. Most people look like I feel - a bit dazed and ready to leave. We will remember the people, the fun, and, of course, some science, but right now the party is over.

Of course, we don't get in a truck and drive to the farm. Most of us get to experience air travel, the final hurdle between a successful meeting and home. I'm wondering when we will get that Star Trek transporter physiology figured out, so we can just beam ourselves where we want.


  1. The worst part of the meeting is realizing that you are done, you are exhausted, and you still have like 15 hours of traveling ahead of you. If you can work out that transporter thing, you will be even more my hero.

  2. If I could work out that transporter thing, I won't be working anymore. Life could be a permanent meeting....