Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Much Ado About Health Care

Walking from my building to the cafeteria presented obstacles today. Nebraska’s senator Ben Nelson, 6 floors below me, is running a town hall meeting on health care. The auditorium and all overflow rooms filled an hour ago; the line of humanity flows from the front door of the building, under the skywalk (from which I photographed the participants), around the complex, and down the hill.



I am pleased so many people mobilized to discuss health care; I just hope the discussion remains rational, without mention of “death squads” or other nonsense. Police are out in force checking IDs. We are a weapon-free campus, so no sidearms are showing.

I hope the people of this country can come together and guarantee healthcare for everyone. I have patients who have lost coverage when a parent was fired. The parent then gets a new job, but the pre-existing illness will not be covered. I have heard parents talk of divorce so the child can get Medicaid for a major illness. All of this is wrong in a nation with our resources.

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