Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I’m Reading


I have worked every day this past week, but my brain has been in Paris… still. I am now reading Murder in the Bastille, the fourth book by Cara Black featuring detective Aimee Leduc.

This time the detective tries to do a good deed when the woman at the next table in a restaurant leaves her cell phone behind. Aimee answers it, and a man begs her to meet him in a passage in the Bastille neighborhood. Remembering what a pain a lost cell phone was, Aimee treks off to return the device, and gets her head bashed in for her efforts. She awakens in the hospital blind; the other woman’s body is found the next day one passage over.

The tables are now turned for she and her partner, Rene, a programmer, student of the martial arts, and little person (dwarf). As the more mobile of the pair, Rene now finds himself interviewing contacts from the dead woman’s phone and attempting to piece together the clues. The scene where he ends up in a dermatology institute to speak with a pathologist is priceless! Aimee is trying to cope with her loss while her attacker tries to finish her off. Of course, she still wears Chanel lipstick and stumbles across potential male companionship along the way!

Book five is already on my iPod’s Kindle reader, and I am going on vacation next week. I may not be posting much, but I will be enjoying a few good books… You should, too!

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