Thursday, November 5, 2009

Observations In The Media

An ad shows up on TV while I prepared dinner this week. The first 30 callers are “guaranteed participation in this clinical trial.” The voice over goes on to describe how blood sugars may fluctuate “through no fault of yours” in diabetes, as well as the miraculous way this “natural” product will level them out.

The spot goes on for a bit about this breakthrough treatment to stabilize blood sugars.

I tried to find out more on the internet, but I can’t remember the exact name of the stuff.

I suspect there is no true clinical trial; they are likely “trying” to get you to buy this stuff. I mean, can you imagine writing this into an IRB application:

Entry criteria: Adult with diabetes who uses telephone quickly.

Exclusion criteria: Dials phone too slow.


Sometimes I am tempted to call the number. I don’t, though.

I have to get dinner ready.

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