Friday, June 26, 2009

Conspiracy Theory: Cause What Fun Is Reality?

If you don't live under a rock, you are probably aware that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died Thursday in Los Angeles. Regardless of the bizarreness that plagued his recent years, he had tremendous talent and molded the music industry for more than a decade. His music will live on for a long time.

One networked showed photos of MJ in his hyperbaric oxygen "anti-aging" chamber. That worked well, huh?

The predominant theories regarding his death revolve around chronic illnesses and addiction to prescription pain medications. Reliable bloggers in the pharmacology community have helpfully explained cardiotoxic effects of Demerol (meperidine).

Self-destructive drug use by a celebrity? Echos of Elvis... Heath Ledger... ?

No, this all seems too easy. There must be more to the story than this. I mean, does anyone really benefit from the death of Michael Jackson, the master of Neverland? Wouldn't those he owed money rather he had finished his upcoming London concerts?

Never fear, for as I have been doing laundry on a Friday evening (yes, my life is this pitiful), my mind has had time to wander over the events of this week. In my prolonged period of drug-free thought, I have identified the one person who has clearly benefited from Michael Jackson's demise:

Yes, the "lost boy" of South Carolina, Mark Sanford. This guy jetted to Argentina for the weekend for an affair. No transfer of power, and apparently he didn't even maintain electronic access with the office. This scandal dominated early in the week. It's gone now.

Coincidence? Do you really believe in coincidence? Or do you want to believe yet another celebrity burned out and died young?


  1. Oh, I was putting the blame on Ahmadinejad, myself. Although come to think of it, he might have been responsible only for the leak of all information regarding Sanford...