Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Google oops!

Yesterday I wrote about how amazed I was that our local movie theatre was touting Pamela Anderson's work for PETA, an organization that would deprive people with uncurable health problems of advances that rely on animal research. I also wrote about the hypocrisy of someone who has undergone so much elective surgery wanting to eliminate animal research. Implants, injectables, anesthetics, modern analgesics, and current surgical technique were all developed through work in animal models.

Today I checked in to see if any new comments were in place. I was surprised (astonished, gobsmacked.... I don't know if there is a better word for it) to see an ad below my posting:

I have only recently signed up with Google AdSense. I did understand that labels and key words would be used to target ads to my posts. I did not realize that they would be this.... ironic.

What to do now? Do I contact AdSense and see if they can restrict the ads on my site? Or do I let it be. I mean, I could even encourage my followers to click on the HSUS link so their funds can go to an animal researcher.

What do you, my loyal readers, think?

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.com

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  1. I get into these shenanigans all the time with being part of a for-proft network. If you are going to allow ad content then I think that all you can do is to be up front and open about where you stand on issues. Any automatically generating ad service is going to bork it up some (a lot) of the time. Just keep your content true to who you are. As a vocal advocate for the responsible use of animals in research, I have no doubt that you will.