Sunday, October 25, 2009

Correcting My Mistake

Back in August I bought a pair of black shoes. The heels were just under 2 inches on a study wedge. Embossed leather resembled croc. Great meeting and work shoes; dressy, but grounded enough to walk in all day long.

Unfortunately, they eat my feet. Blisters and cuts and pain, Oh My!

Yesterday I acquired Shoe the Steve Maddens shown in the photo. They are far more stylish with the patent ruffle. Most importantly, they do not damage my feet.

And I only paid $35.99 at DSW.

Of course, I would wear something totally hot if I were presenting a plenary. REGAAL_LEOPARD_zoom I saw these Steve Madden’s in a department store yesterday. I could not figure out a reason to buy them. At least not until they go on sale. You have to admit, they make a statement.

For more shoe wars, point your browser on over to Isis’ place. Hot (and not-so-hot) shoes are driving debate between the bloggers. Don’t miss out!

1 comment:

  1. Those black shoes are amazing. You may have won the war!