Saturday, October 24, 2009

True Confessions

Over on Isis the Scientist, a perfect storm developed about one of Intel’s recent ads. The ad, depending on one’s viewpoint, might suggest that physical exercise and mental exercise are mutually exclusive and/or that women can’t play chess, the mental work-out.

I am a woman with a high aptitude in math and science. I test at the top of the scale on pattern recognition and manipulation, especially in three dimensions. That test where they show you the paper pattern and you have to figure out what object they would become when folded? Piece of cake. When I did Now, Discover Your Strengths, “Strategic” is number 1.Photoxpress_4727914

So why can’t I play chess?

I came of age when Bobby Fischer was kicking Russian ass. Kids my age were chess geeks, and it was not a bad thing at that time. I learned how to play, but I never got good.

Truth? I found chess boring. Incredibly, colossally boring.

Today, I feel the same way about sudoku. I love crossword puzzles and word searches. My new BlackBerry Tour came with Word Mole; it is a blast! But those number patterns? Who the hell cares?

Of course, while we’re at it, I guess I should confess that I lied at my medical school interviews. I told everyone I was interested in a primary care career in a rural area. It was the reason my school existed, and I knew it would be a + in a column for my application. Of course, the one thing I was not considering was a career in pediatrics. Yet, here I am today, a Pediatric Nephrologist.

I feel better now. I still can’t beat you at chess. But then, who the hell cares?

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