Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogolutions = SUCCESS!

On December 30 I blogged a summary of my output for 2009 and made blogolutions for 2010. We are now 4 weeks into the year, so I thought it was time to assess my progress:

1. Three to five posts each week, with an average of 15 per month.

Today is post 18 for January, or 4.5 posts/week. I deserve a cookie!

2.  At least once each month I will address something of substance from the world of biomedical science.Photoxpress_4364600

So looking at my 17 posts before today, 4 deal firmly with biomedical topics and 6 with scientific communication. Another cookie for me!

3.  I will continue to FWDAOTI as I see fit.

I classify 3 of my posts in this category. You know, I don’t really want this many cookies. Maybe glasses of wine instead?

4.  If I want to write about something , I will, because this blog is for me.

Thus the posts dealing with shoes. And the video of Laser Cats 5, the funniest SNL Short in a long, long time…

So far I am 4 for 4, making these my most successful resolutions ever. I wonder why I can’t do this with the weight loss and exercise resolutions?

The past week has been sparse because of patient care duties. I have some new ideas to explore next week when my schedule eases up a bit.

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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