Wednesday, January 20, 2010

“Shoe” Confessions

Yesterday’s errands required a stop at one of our local malls, an arcade of shops including a DSW. Could a quick peek at the clearance rack really hurt anyone?

That depends on whether you ask me or my spouse.

LovelyShoesThe luscious satin beauties shown here called my name from the top shelf, the level I can barely see. Although not professionally photographed (yes, this is my desk),  they may still lift your spirits as they did mine. Satin peep-toes are not the shoes of winter, especially given the mix of sleet and snow falling from the heavens today. According to the box the cloth and patent heel are “light tan,” but the fabric glows with a pink or mauve tone as the light shifts across them. I slipped them over my black tights and realized that their 4-inch heels far out-comforted the 2-inch ones on yesterday’s booties.

After a brief bout of algebra, I realized these could be had for a mere $29.95. Did I really need them? Would my feet go unshod without them? No… but their beauty and reminder of weather-to-come provided a much needed mental health lift far less expensive than therapy and antidepressants.

Now I am planning what to wear with them to a fundraiser in April. Some of my readers may see them at the APS Publications Banquet in Anaheim during Experimental Biology. Their delightful neutral color makes them quite adaptable, although peau de soie may prevent their wear as everyday workhorse shoes.

Of course, the other fundraiser I must attend in April has a LoveBoat theme, so other sleek nautical pumps might still be in order.

Sorry, honey; I promise I will reorganize the closet soon.

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  1. Oooh - I love them. Can't wait to see them in person in Anaheim.