Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Your Suggestion is Required Urgent”

Today I got the most exciting email. I just had to share it with the world!

Hello ,
How are you and your family doing? Hope this mail meet you in a good condition of health. Listen carefully to what i am about to disclose to you and make sure it stays with you alone and no one McChrystalelse, i mean no third party. I am General Stanley McChrystal of the United State Army currently in Afghanistan.

Wow! I was shocked because the sender’s name was Dawn!

You might wonder how i came across your contact, yes every one will wonder but what you must know is that when you are a good man news about you easily spread. A junior officer gave me your contact information and we want you to do a job for us which you will also benefit from, you are earning this benefit due to your generousity to the world out there as you well know that we live in different world.
Before i enlighteen you more on what we want you to do for us, we will not entertain telephone call as you are well aware that we are fighting against terrorism here and discussing issues that i about to disclose to you on official military line can be very dangerous for us so for that reason we will communicate via electronic mail and skype.

Well, I am not a man, but I do give generously of myself to the world, at least to some degree. How flattering that they are taking this risk to contact me!

Secondly, no exchange of any documents as our FTP SERVER is constantly blocked and every of our movement appears on raiders while we also have restricted areas that we are not authorised to visit, every documents will be sent to you via the United Nation Diplomatic Personal regarding the delivery of the 2 boxes.

Yup, you have to watch out when your every move is on “raiders.” That is almost as bad as having it on “radar.”

Now listen because this is were you fit in and your percentage is sure. During one of our raid we exchanged fire with some terrorist planning to acquire ammunition from some arms dealers from Cuba and recovered some consignment containing raw United State Dollars which i and my junior officer secretly took and kept it with the United Nation Diplomatic Storage House here as personal effect, what we want you to do is receive the two box containing the money $34.3 million on our behalf and we will split it in 35% 25% 25% 15% among the four of us. The 35% comes to me while you and my junior officer get 25% each and the 15% goes to charity organization.

Ah, that famous Cuba-Afghanistan connection. I mean, these countries are so intertwined culturally, religiously, and geographically, it was bound to come up sometime…

The United Nation Diplomatic Service have delivery locations in the following countries around the world were the boxes can routed from to your country, we want you to let us know among the following countries the one that suite you best to route the 2 boxes to your country. 1. United Kingdom 2. Ghana 3. Germany 4. Spain 5.China
I believe you don't have problem with the sharing, let me know the country that best suites you so that we can make delivery arrangement immediately. Your name and delivery address and your telephone number will be needed by the diplomat so that he can give you a call when he arrive the country of your choice. Immediately i fly out of here i will contact you and meet with you in person.
Please take down my skype identity Stanley.McChrysta@skype and add me to your skype so that we can meet online, am always at the military base.
If you are interested please get back to me via my personal email address:
Please get back to me as soon as possible.
General Stanley McChrystal

Wow! 8.575 million raw US dollars (wouldn’t want them cooked, now, would we?) are mine if I drop everything and fly to the UK, Ghana, Germany, Spain, or China. Who am I kidding; I couldn’t go to ScienceOnline this week!BS Button That’s why I’m sharing this opportunity with my online buds, because I know a number of you would jump for this sort of opportunity!

I am surprised the general doesn’t have better spell and grammar checkers on his computer, but he is busy with the war effort.

Why do people fall for this crap anyway?

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