Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Lucky Magazine,

I have enjoyed your periodical for several years now and I subscribe. My job in academia occupies a lot of time, and skimming your magazine for new stuff while I dry my hair every morning is a joy.

Now you have made me angry.

In your Lucky Girl section (page 56 of the February issue), you feature the essentials of Audrey Dettmar, a 24-year-old pastry chef. Her shoe pick probably fits my life better than hers ShoePick(and her suggestion to pair these with knee-high socks is just wacky). I would also call them spectator pumps rather than brogue pumps; however, either way they would work with suits or jeans. Great multitasking shoes, especially for spring travel. Good price as well.

I went online  to get a better look and, perhaps probably, order them.

They were NOWHERE to be found on the Bass Shoes site. Nor any other shoe site out there.

I know part of your job is to drum up advance demand for new products. This is how a waiting list forms. I can accept that. What makes me angry is Audrey saying these are one of her essential items when THEY CANNOT BE POSSESSED YET.

I hope you are happy. I now find myself wandering over to every day or two looking for these shoes. I am, officially, obsessed.

I realize scanning the bit of page above probably breaks a gazillion copyright laws (although I have given clear attribution), but this item wasn’t pictured on your website, so I could not link to it. Nor could I link to it on the Bass website (see above). Thus, I was left to violate the law with my trusty scanner.

It’s all your own fault, you know…




  1. Why is it I feel compelled to start calling you Imelda?