Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry I Have Not Written

card deck 2

Change is the only constant.

The week proved more interesting than I hoped.  Anger and irritation dominated my thoughts the past couple of days, gnawing through my best intentions.

While such a situation can produce much blog fodder, a coherent post requires more self-indulgent rumination about, well, everything. I need a few days removed, a bit more perspective.

In other words, what I thought about writing… I’m not. At least not today.

My online life will be undergoing reorganization soon. Don’t worry; I will still spew Golden Thoughts.

So stay tuned; the best may be yet to come.

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  1. Don’t worry; I will still spew Golden Thoughts.

    No. You will still stream Golden Thoughts. AMIRITE?

  2. Groan.......

    But probably a more accurate description!

  3. You name your fucking nephrology blog "Golden Thoughts", and you're groaning at me???