Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things You Can Learn Online: TSA Edition

Tomorrow I fly again, through the hot muggy skies of Omaha to the hot muggy world of Orlando. As I wait for my flip video camera to upload, I trolled through the TSA site. Omaha’s airport now has one of those fancy imagers. I don’t think it’s on the set of gates I use, but it could be.

So here are potential images from these machines as stolen acquired from TSA:

Images above used backscatter technology; the ones below were generated with millimeter wave:

The images cannot be seen at the screening checkpoint, only at a remote site.

I also learned that my netbook may be screened in its case:

Electronics: Electronics the size of a standard laptop or larger, such as game consoles and full-size DVD players, and video cameras that use video cassettes must be removed from their carrying cases and submitted separately for X-ray screening. Smaller electronics such as e-readers, netbooks and iPads typically do not need to be removed from carry-on baggage for screening.

I have always removed my netbook from the case for screening, but not my Kindle, phone, or iPod. I’m not really clear on why a netbook or iPad can be screened through a layer of neoprene, but a 13” laptop cannot.

My download is almost complete. That’s my cue to go home and pack!

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