Monday, June 28, 2010


I have a confession.I have been seeking satisfaction elsewhere.

No, nothing like that.

See, for a variety of reasons, I started another blog. It can be accessed from my website,, or via Stream of Thought, as I’m calling it, will focus on professional material such as healthcare and diseases. A lot of posts will be geared toward parents and children with kidney disease. See links to my current posts below:

The Biomedical Fair

From Orlando: Improving Your Child’s Future Health

Golden Thoughts will remain for another audience. Humor, wardrobe advice, and other topics near and dear to my heart will have this venue for discussion.

For a few days I will be spending time with my family and not posting at either location. Don’t worry- I’m not fooling around with a third blog.


  1. STREAM! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! You are so fucking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STREAM!

  2. I knew you would appreciate it. I believe you suggested it in a prior comment!

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