Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Value to Scientific Meetings


So I have been in intense morning science sessions, followed by relaxing poolside, and then dinner and 1-2 hours of PM science. Most of what I have heard over the past 3 days has not been relevant to the current projects in my lab.

So what good does being here do me?

Well, my scientific creative juices are flowing. This morning I sketched out the general strategy to make one of my projects potentially fundable. We still have some technical kinks to work through, and we need to generate some key data points, but all in all I am ready to go back and research again.

Unfortunately, I will start covering the inpatient service Monday morning. It will slow me down… but I am ready to rock!

By the way, my impersonation of a neuroscience did not result in horrible amounts of embarrassment. Some of the real neuroscience people thought our work was really interesting. I hope my colleague has her family situation calmed and is ready to write!

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