Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I’m Reading

Murder Marais

My father loves France. His PhD is in French history, and I am named after an actress (Pascale Petit) he saw in the 1950’s while working on his dissertation in that country. He is also a murder mystery fan(like me), so Cara Black’s series set in present day Paris appealed to him. He has been after me to read one for months, so I loaded up a couple for my latest trip.

Murder in the Marais, the first book in the Aimee Leduc mysteries, involves present day murders as well as crimes during the Nazi occupation. The heroine has limited herself to computer investigations since her father’s death by terrorism, but impending financial difficulties and curiosity push her back undercover to infiltrate a skinhead group. Eventually she uncovers not only the original crimes during the war, but also ongoing conspiracies that threaten Europe in the present.

I have never been to Paris, so I cannot comment on the authenticity of the prose; however, there are enough references to designer clothes and upscale venues (and hot sex) to satisfy a chick-lit craving. I’ve already got the second book on deck…

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