Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I Take Time To Blog

Isis over at ScienceBlogs posted yesterday about blogging and one’s career. Her post first discusses Alex Coturnix and his rules for blogging: (1) A blog post is not a scientific publication; (2) It doesn't count if you publish your data in a blog post; and (3) Your blog usually doesn't generate novel data.


These are important points to keep in mind. While I am a physician-scientist (see photo for proof) I do not discuss my data in Golden Thoughts. If you want to know about my science, you can pull my papers. Or email me, cause I will talk about my hypotheses till the cows come home. Given the frustrations of obtaining funding and running the reviewer mill, no one does science for kicks. Science is a labor of love.

I have on occasion done the “lay science” thing when a topic grabs my attention, and I present it for a different, more general audience. Some folks do this regularly and well (see Uremic Frost for a fine example in Nephrology).

Ultimately, a blog is a personal thing. I love to write. Here I can tell tales or expound on the injustice of the world without annoying anyone (my drinking buddies are quick to point out that my bar stories are waaaay too long). Readers can just click away from my page when they get annoyed. My blog gives voice to thoughts in my head that get in the way of everything else. In a way, it helps me get focused by letting that other stuff out.

I don’t blog everyday because I wish to remain employed. I have stuff to do if I want to be clothed and if I want to eat. But I can’t imagine life without Golden Thoughts anymore.

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