Monday, December 7, 2009

It’s a Four Letter Word

I have received several emails and texts from my family, wishing me well:

Photoxpress_5186782 Did you hear Omaha is getting up to 12 inches of snow tomorrow?

They have already cancelled school!

Think you’ll get home? We’re supposed to have blizzard conditions by the time you land!


Four letters that may ground me tomorrow evening. Of course, my “well-wishers” keep “warning” me about this coming onslaught.

I wonder what they want me to do about it?

I can’t leave earlier. If I could, I would not have a direct flight. A layover in Chicago or Milwaukee is unlikely to improve my chances of landing in Omaha.

And it’s not like I can control the weather. If I could, Omaha would be perfect. Like 72 degrees from mid-January through May, then 85 and sunny for June-August. Autumn would bring 70 degree days with a touch of crispness in the evenings for football games. We would have 2 to 3 weeks of “winter” with just enough snow to dust the evergreens over Christmas and New Year days.

Think what the NCAA would pay me to guarantee a College World Series with no rain-outs!

Since I can’t make this happen, I will just have to go with the flow of snow tomorrow. Now quit telling me about it; I can get weather reports in DC!

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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  1. So... just to let you know, we're supposed to get 6-12 inches. They have closed millard, ops, and westside schools. I will not know about uno until tomorrow morning. I just thought I would let you know that today I walked down the hill in high heel boots and i almost fell. Also I did a new post and I think you'll like it. love you and just come home. I heard if you try hard enough you can pray just enough for God to spite you and in spite of your concentraition you will let out a fart. Good evening.