Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When Snow Becomes Snirt


Yesterday we had a refresher snow, just enough to cover the mixture of snow and dirt (snirt) left from last week’s blizzard. It did freshen things up, but left me with a wardrobe dilemma.

Today I participate in a clinic that requires parking in an outdoor lot. What’s a doc to do when she wants to remain a fashionista, presentable for patients, but has to wade through half-frozen muck?

Answer: booties.

I get way too warm in knee- or thigh- high boots (no menopause jokes, please). The just-above-the-ankle reach of these is plenty to keep the slush away from my tootsies in the civilized world. They rock with trousers or skirts, and prove practical as well as professional. The heel measures only 2.75 inches, and they slip on and off with a bit of effort; I would not hesitate to wear them through airport security for winter travel.

I acquired these [Hanley from BX by Bronx] at my local DSW; online DSW only has them in size 10 black, so you probably want to shop around.

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