Thursday, December 17, 2009


Earlier this week I expressed displeasure with the status quo in a work-related meeting. Basically, continuing our status is untenable. Unthinkable. And I got little argument from higher up.

So, why has this situation been allowed to persist? Can I work on fixing the issue(s) now? No, because other issues are considered more problematic and “the squeaky wheel” gets the attention. Yes, the squeaky wheel metaphor actually arose.

the old wheel

This wheel does not squeak. Everyone figured out how to live without it or work around it a long time ago. So what if the cart runs better with 4 wheels; at least it isn’t squeaking!

So far, that has been my approach to the problems of the status quo. Work-arounds just do not cut it any longer. Once again, I got no argument on that front.

I guess it’s time to make a lot of noise. Much more than a squeak. I can do that.

It won’t be pretty. Someone may regret this decision.

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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