Thursday, March 25, 2010

Building a Platform


When I hear the word platform, something like these Madden Girl beauties comes to mind.

So why was I listening to “Platform: What It Is and Why You Need One” in a writers workshop this morning? Would hot shoes and a taller appearance make publishers like me better? If so, then my decision to bring a single pair of low wedges might bring me down, and  not merely in physical stature!

Turns out that one’s platform consists of professional credentials, media work, and other writing; the stuff that lifts you above the waves of others out there, sort of like an oil platform in the ocean (once I came up with the analogy I had to use it).

Turns out that blogging, podcasting, twittering, facebooking, and other social media help build that platform.

Now when my husband asks me if I’m screwing around on the computer/Blackberry/iPod again, I can honestly tell him no; I’m building my platform!

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