Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More On Personal Branding and Platform

PinkBook Once again, my daily email from Pink Magazine proved timely and informative. Today’s topic, personal branding, fits well with all the talk about platform development in last week’s workshop.

One informative link was to an online identity calculator. This short query uses a Google search of your name to determine your digital distinctness.

It helps to be “Pascale Lane” and not “Jane Doe.” It also helps to be online actively managing what people associate with you. Owning your own domain, blogging, and other digital interactions will help increase your digital brand immensely. Most importantly, you can move your brand in the direction you desire rather than passively allowing others to determine your image.

In this day and age, when a Google search about you may make or break a job search, overlooking your online brand would be short-sided. I encourage everyone to use the link and determine their online identity score.

Think it doesn’t matter? Better think again.

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