Monday, March 8, 2010

More On Money

BenniesA few days ago I posted a query about raises with promotions in academia. I queried some other sites as well, ones with readers with experience in the whole promotion thing.

I am dismayed.

Most of those who answered pointed to educational salary sites. One can presume, based on the increase in median salary from rank-to-rank, that there is that level of increase. Some schools have rules, generally a set amount based on the tabular data from AAMC or other standard sites.

Many schools have no increase in salary with rank. Promotion occurs through acquisition of grants or clinical work. These activities may make one eligible for incentives that increase salary as well as resulting in promotion.

But no increase in base pay.

So even though one gets promoted with tenure, and a guaranteed salary line, the amount guaranteed remains low. Many who have responded report never receiving any raise to base pay besides small cost-of-living  boosts.

I expect more answers will be coming in, and I will update if I get any novel information.

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