Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Four Decades of Change

Even though my flights last Saturday night all came with first-class Photoxpress_3912865 upgrades and early arrivals, snuggling under the covers still presented the most attractive option Sunday morning. My husband had other ideas – we were going to church on Palm Sunday.

I am truly grateful that he dragged my ample butt out of that bed.

When I was 11, the ordination of women caused much controversy within the national Episcopal church. The controversy divided my own church which had never allowed female acolytes (alter girls). Hours of coffee- and beer-fueled debate ensued. Ultimately, practicality won the day. The upcoming confirmation class included no male children, and the parish needed new Episcopalacolytes. They trained two girls.

Lightening did not strike. The sanctuary walls remained upright.

Today it is difficult to remember that ordaining women was controversial, especially since the head of the American Episcopal church is a woman.

The Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori presided at Palm Sunday services at Trinity Cathedral in Omaha. She delivered a beautiful sermon about helping others in the world as the route to peace.

In my lifetime we have advanced from ordination of women being “illegal” to a woman running the church. More than any passage in the bible, this gives me hope.

So thanks, honey. It’s retrospective, but sincere.

Sleeping woman photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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