Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flippin’ Cool

I now have videos in my YouTube account.

I started my account a couple of years ago. You had to register in order to sign in and email people hilarious videos of guys getting hit in the groin and other stuff.

Oh, we had a video recorder. About the size of a Kleenex box, I found it annoying to use. When taping with it, I felt excluded from the action. I was recording the festivities rather than participating.

Uploading videos required special software, cables, and an adapter. I figured out how to do it for dance audition tapes for my daughter, but overall it was not worth the hassle.

minoS001 Two weeks ago I acquired a flip video recorder. I went with the minoHD which records 2 hours of high-definition video on internal memory- no tapes or cards to lose or destroy! This camera is also smaller than my BlackBerry, so light and unobtrusive that I think I may actually record more events!

Uploading is a breeze as well. Slide a switchFlipped Out on the side and out “flips” a USB port. Plug it into your computer; the first time it installs FlipShare software and lets you make an online Flip account. Click on an icon for “Share Online” and video can download directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites.

I have not yet tried to do any fancy stuff or video editing. But I do have two videos in my YouTube account, one of which is the new feline member of the family. Her name is still a source of intense discussion, but she doesn’t seem to care:

I have to go now for my son’s baseball game; maybe I will post some video of that event tomorrow. You never know, now that I am flipped out and dangerous!

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