Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update on the Race


The first day of EB provided some sciencey razzle-dazzle and a whole lot of fun. The symposium on animal rights groups and the Pro-test movement produced lively discussion and useful information.

The Cannon lecture, given by Jeffery Fredberg, convinced me that a cell would feel like toothpaste if you could stand next to it and poke it with your finger. Of course, my favorite part of the talk was hearing my name over and over, since the unit of force is the kilopascal (after Blaise Pascal, not me).

Then the fun began with the Cannon reception and the President’s reception. I also got to meet a number of my online acquaintances face-to-face, which is always a treat.

Now, for what you clicked by to see. We are 24 hours into our tweet-match. Marty Frank made appeals to the masses for new followers, using his public persona and the authority that 25 years as Executive Director of the APS brings. He now has 154 followers for a net gain of 12. Dr. Isis countered by promising $1 for every new follower, up to $500, to the Porter Minority Development Fund. Dr. Isis really, really wants to win. As of 8am today, this effort will cost her $94.

So the goddess leads, 94 to 12. The final count will be made Tuesday evening, and a lot could change in 2 days and 10 hours. It’s up to you- go, follow, and tweet!

And have a great EB if you are with us in Anaheim.


  1. Physiomotherfuckinologists know how to motherfucking PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We don't need unlimited free drinks to fill the hall for our opening reception like those ASPETs.