Friday, April 16, 2010

Countdown to EB2010


One week from today I fly from the home quarters in Omaha to Anaheim, home of the original House of the Mouse and site for this year’s Experimental Biology (#EB10 for you twitterati).

In addition to the usual scientific stuff, the twitter smack-down between Dr. Isis (@drisis) and Marty Frank of the APS (@ExecDirectorAPS) begins at 0800 PDT on Saturday, April 24. Isis currently claims 1105 followers, while Dr. Frank has 139 followers. For those of you who do not wish to follow the link above for the rules, here they are:

The challenge: sign up new Twitter followers (Tweeple or Tweeps) during Experimental Biology in Anaheim.

I will certify the number of followers each has at 7:59 am PDT on Friday, April 23, just before on-site registration opens at the meeting. When a predetermined deadline has been reached, I will once again check the number of followers for each. Whoever has the most new followers will win. For those of you more mathematically inclined:

New followers = N(deadline) – N(start)

I am letting the fighters determine the “prize” which may also determine the deadline. For example, if a tweet-up with the loser buying drinks is involved, we should probably end on Tuesday to allow that event to occur. If clown services at some point in the future are involved, well, we can go to the last minute on Wednesday.

For those of you who have never experienced twitter, well, it’s about time! After all, the EB program is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Go to the app store and download Echofon, set up your account, and get ready to pick sides.

There may also be a tweet-up. What’s that? Someone will tweet a location and time to congregate. If you’re not tweeting, looking for that #EB10 hashtag, you may get left out of some fun!

So get ready, Anaheim- scientific gizmo geeks are on the way!

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  1. Dr. Martin Frank called me to discuss the particulars of this event. Perhaps we should touch base.