Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looks Like We Have A Fight!


We have a match, folks!

Dr. Isis, that shining example of spousal devotion, maternal instinct, red-hot science, and beautiful shoes, will be in one corner. Facing off against her will be Marty Frank, Executive Director of the American Physiologic Society, science policy guru, and all-around nice guy.

[Please note photo is an artistic rendition and not the actual participants]

Here are their current statistics on Twitter:

@drisis first tweeted November 4, 2008. She has 977 followers and has posted 3069 updates.

@ExecDirectorAPS began twittering July 21, 2009. He has posted 329 updates for his 111 followers.

The challenge: sign up new Twitter followers (Tweeple or Tweeps) during Experimental Biology in Anaheim.

I will certify the number of followers each has at 7:59 am PDT on Friday, April 23, just before on-site registration opens at the meeting. When a predetermined deadline has been reached, I will once again check the number of followers for each. Whoever has the most new followers will win. For those of you more mathematically inclined:

New followers = N(deadline) – N(start)

I am letting the fighters determine the “prize” which may also determine the deadline. For example, if a tweet-up with the loser buying drinks is involved, we should probably end on Tuesday to allow that event to occur. If clown services at some point in the future are involved, well, we can go to the last minute on Wednesday.

Rules? Do we really need rules?

Yes, the goddess can pull off a lot of wackalunacy with her cloak of pseudonymity. Marty must maintain some degree of decorum, but he has the bully pulpit that comes with being a recognized authority figure, at least among APS members.

Will institutional power trump general hotness? Will stilettos kick sensible shoes? Who will win? Who will bleed?

Stay tuned for more!


  1. This is going to pose a challenge. It's not like I can walk around EB and ask people to tweet. I believe the terms may be a beer, but let's keep in touch about a tweetup. I am thinking I am game.

    If I win, Marty is going to have to buy me a Tutankhamen. I hope they serve it in Anaheim.

  2. What the heck is a Tutankhamen?

  3. This:

  4. If the rule is N(deadline)-N(start), then in addition to recruiting lots of new folks, perhaps you should get all of your current followers to un-follow you on April 22, and then re-follow you on April's all about manipulating the data.

  5. OOOOOH, there is a loop-hole there!

    You both have to figure out a way to recruit new tweeps at EB. Posters, flyers, etc...

    Remember: NO RULES!

  6. Hai Marty, here's a tip. If you Tweet something about marijuana all the #leeegalizeeetmon Twitts auto follow you. just sayin'