Monday, February 1, 2010

Poken Fun!

Faithful readers know that my daughter is majoring in Communication with a focus on public relations. Friday she went to a conference, and mid-morning texted me from the social media session:

We need pokens! Google it, and order!

Really, it takes much less than that to get me shopping.

Pokens take the place of business cards (click here for great video explanations). These electonic gizmos, when you click the hands together, will exchange all electronic contact information and maintain a timeline function as well. So if you are trying to remember someone you met at a meeting 2 weeks ago, you can scroll back to that date to pull up their information.

Another cool feature: the poken information is updated every time the person in question updates it. So if I change my email address, my poken contacts automatically get the new one!

Of course, choosing a poken must be the hardest part:

PokenZooFunAfter much deliberation (accompanied by a fine Malbec blend from Chile), my offspring and I made our choices. She went with the dragon (It's hard tell if he's a good boy or bad boy. He's got the horns, but the smile, too.), while I purchased the pink alien (A recent addition to the Zoo's Area 54, we think she's a she), although it was a tough race with the green alien and voodoo pokens. 

They also sell less “cute” pokens:


In addition to serving their poken function, they act as flash drives with up to 2GB of storage. The colored versions are sleek and cool, although all are black with just the poken 4-fingered hand to give them away when capped. The plain one can be custom branded as well.

I may get one of these plainer devices for my more “professional” online persona. My snarky “personal” online self will be the pink alien for now.

So snap a poken on your lanyard. It makes adding online friends and acquaintances easy. If you see me and my alien, let’s do the “high four" to exchange data!


  1. I think that this is the new business card. This conference taught me about selling yourself on social networks as well as your work in a portfolio. I will be blogging about such a thing in the future.
    Kudos on your new bundle of joy. I like the pink one better anyway. You can see her brains :)

  2. According to the email, they should be here by Wednesday.