Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Throwing the Gauntlet

EB2010Experimental Biology approaches, so shenanigans must be planned.

For this year’s meeting a tweet-off has been proposed:

Isis the Scientist, the hottest goddess of science, versus Marty Frank, Executive Director of the American Physiologic Society.

Isis sidebarVS. APS Logo

Goal: enroll the most new followers on twitter during the meeting.

As a reasonably neutral party who already follows both of these distinguished individuals on twitter, I volunteer to moderate the contest as follows:

  • Contest will begin at 0800 Pacific time on Friday, April 23, when on-site registration opens
  • Contest will end at 0800 Pacific time on Wednesday, April 28, so a winner can be determined before I have to head to the airport; we can move this back to noon on Tuesday if necessary for the “prize”
  • Shameless publicity stunts are not only permissible, but encouraged (especially if free drinks and/or public nudity are involved)
  • I will provide updates online and via twitter throughout the meeting; if APS allows, I may even post it on the whiteboard with the official registration numbers
  • The final “prize” will be negotiated by the participants; perhaps the loser buys at a tweet-up  or provides clown services at a party?

So, you two, are you up for it? Cause I’m ready for some game faces and trash-talking!


  1. Pascale, How can I pass up such a challenge? The problem is that our dear Dr. Isis has an unfair advantage. Being anonymous, she can do as many outrageous things as she wants, while I must maintain a degree of decorum in my role as APS Executive Director. We also need to determine what the bet might be and how success will be measured? Right now I have only 110 followers and Dr. Isis has over 900. I think a good challenge should relate to the % increase in followers! Having said that, I will let you decide what should be measured. In the meantime, I leave you with an appropriate song from Annie Get Your Gun - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY7Hh5PzELo

  2. I pledge to get myself twitter and start following only the one who provides the most free beer.