Friday, February 19, 2010

Fond Farewell to the Wizard


Yesterday we lost our 6-month-old kitten, Ozzie. We had lived with him for about 4 months.

He had developed ascites, fluid in his belly, about 3 weeks ago. After reading about the causes of this condition online, none of which are treatable, and not being absolutely certain it was not just fat (he was still eating like a horse), I decided to live in denial until he showed other signs of illness.

Those came about this week. Wednesday evening he had trouble jumping up on the sofa, and I vowed to take him into the vet the next day. Unfortunately, he was minimally responsive the next morning. I rushed him to the Animal ER where feline infectious peritonitis , an incurable condition, was diagnosed.

Within an hour he died via euthanasia while I stroked his head and whispered about what a good cat he was.

Between this event, a visiting professor, and my people patients, my time online to blog has been a bit limited.

Goodbye, Ozzie. We didn’t have you long, but we loved you bunches.

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