Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Game, but What Dat Ad?

SBLogoWho Dat winning the SuperBowl? In a really great game?

The Saints rocked Miami. The game entertained, and calling on onside kick to start the second half took gonads. Well done!

Was anyone else disappointed by the SuperBowl Ads?

My personal favorite was from and involved a musically-inclined beaver.

Sorry I couldn’t get the video to embed correctly, so you will have to click the link above to see it.

Yes, the lucky little beaver gets a hot blonde in a hot tub as the ultimate success symbol. Sexist? Yes, but the whole ad was cute and funny and illustrative. This is one driven beaver, even though his career goals are different than those other rodents working on the dam. is, after all, a career site, and this little guy got work, dam it. (Get it? Beaver, dam…)

Budweiser and Doritos both had some spots, and all were, well, OK. Nothing stellar, but… OK.

The ones that keep showing up that I just do not understand?


Those from They have paid money for Danica Patrick as their spokesperson. The ads feature her and other hot “I wannabe the GoDaddy girl” women in various states of undress. Click the icon if you want to see the TV ads or the less censored internet versions.

What do these ads have to do with anything? GoDaddy deals with internet domains. I realize that sex sells almost anything, but I keep looking at these spots thinking WTF? Are they only trying to register porn domains?

I guess Danica Patrick and a hot blonde masseuse in the spa do have some parallels with the beaver and a hot blonde in a hottub. But the latter felt cute; the first one skanky.

FAIL GoDaddy. You need new marketing. Someone who is not a 13 year-old boy.

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