Thursday, February 25, 2010

PowerPoint Notes

So, still at my conference. My morning “workshop” on extracorporeal treatments for sepsis was not particularly enlightening.

  • Sepsis syndrome is associated with eleventy-billion evil humors in the blood and tissues
  • Clearing evil humors in controlled experimental models appears beneficial
  • Even though we can really only clear the central circulatory compartment (~30 m^2) while the capillary/lymphatic compartment that communicates directly with tissue is pretty much inaccessible (and huge at ~300 m^2)
  • But nothing yet seems to make much of a difference in humans, probably because we are genetically heterogeneous and are comparing real-life sepsis, not controlled, defined models

What did I learn? Well, if you want to use a figure in a slide, try to get it from an online source like a web version or computer generated PDF. If you must scan a printed copy, don’t start with a photocopy, and jack the resolution up higher than your scanner’s default. Jaggy

Cause what appears minimally jaggy on your computer is damn well unreadable when projected on a conference wall screen.

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