Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fight Club Meets EB

As you may have heard, the amazing icon of hot science and shoes, Dr. Isis, and the fearless leader of the APS, Marty Frank, will start a twitter-war for world EB 2010 domination this Saturday morning. In earlier posts this event was described in terms of boxing matches or mud wrestling. Of course, #EB10 is in Anaheim, CA, TofuWrestlinga kinder, gentler place (even if it does have a professional hockey team nearby). Therefore, my final imagery for this challenge is one that seems much more California-like: tofu wrestling. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up (click on the photo and follow the link if you doubt me).

I am not going to repeat the rules in this post because I did that recently here (and originally here). Today you get to hear about the winning event!

The winner will be determined by yours truly at ~6pm PDT (just before the bar opens at the Renal Section Banquet at EB). The winner will receive accolades in the bar at the Hilton beginning at 10:30 pm PDT that evening. Look for me or Marty Frank (the goddess will be wearing an invisibility cloak). Hijinx and shenanigans should follow!

Keep following me (@PHLane) on twitter for updates throughout the meeting. And let the games begin!

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