Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy World Kidney Day 2010!

NeonKidney Once again the second Thursday in March has rolled around, bringing celebrations of all things kidney with it! World Kidney Day, for ye of little faith, is a real event (go ahead and click the link if you don’t believe me), but it really needs better PR.

This year’s theme reminds folks to protect their kidneys by preventing and controlling diabetes, a disease near and dear to my heart both personally and professionally. Today should be doubly festive in my household.

And that is the problem. We have no generally recognized festivities for World Kidney Day.snowmen

No songs.

No gifts or cards.

No activities or foods.

In the spirit of the day, I invite people to suggest ways to make the second Thursday in March more festive. Christmas has candy canes and cookies. Easter has Cadbury eggs and Peeps. What special foods should we have for World Kidney Day? Please do not suggest anything containing actual kidney; that would be (1)too literal to be clever and (2)something I do not like (and yes, I have tried steak and kidney pie; IMHO, a waste of steak).

Photoxpress_6183671 Next week a whole bunch of people will become Irish for a day; beer would be an appropriate beverage for today without even dying it!

Come on! We have a year to make World Kidney Day 2011 unforgettable!

Pee on Earth, Goodwill to Urine!

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  1. Oh that's beyond hilarious. I got a kidney stone last Thursday. Still waiting for it to leave...

  2. I am so sorry. Kidney stones suck, but kidneys rock!