Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daughter of Shoe-fari

Today’s post provides a happier note, a wearable yet attractive item for the foot:

Moda Spana QueenQueen by Moda Spana costs $49.95 at DSW. Its 3-inch heel provides a modest bit of lift, and the wrap-across-the-forefoot leaves a peep-toe and a D’Orsay effect on the instep. These beauties are elegant yet practical for most of my workdays.

They come in the metallic shown and in black. 

I promise I will post something besides shoes later this week, but I have to admit this Shoe-fari has been a load of fun!


  1. You clomp around the fucken hospital in three-inch "modest bit of lift" fucken heels?

  2. Damn straight. If I trip I can blame it on the shoes. If I'm wearing flats, folks know I'm a fucken klutz!

  3. What if your heel pokes a hole in some fucken life-support tube?

  4. They try not to have anything that fragile on the floor.

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