Friday, July 23, 2010

Shoe-fari for the #sbFAIL Diaspora

As you may have heard, ScienceBlogs had some issues last week. Bloggers have been changing sites faster than I can edit my links. We have finally heard from the pseudonymous goddess who got me hooked, Isis the Scientist:

So, after the events of the last couple weeks, what is the reality of Isis the Scientist?
I've had a lot to consider.  But, after speaking with Adam Bly today, I get the impression that he is still passionate about trying to continue this conversation and I believe that he is engaging with us, the folks who provide content to the site, in good faith.  I think he is vested in seeing this enterprise succeed and in working together collaboratively.  I can only take him at his word, and so On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess will remain at Scienceblogs.  Here, I'll continue to blog about the practice of being a woman in science.  After all, science is culture and all that.  If some of the ideas discussed today with the powers that be come to fruition, this could still be a groundbreaking place to watch.

Just as I have felt the need to have two creative outlets, the goddess has chosen a similar path. However, she still hasn’t blogged any shoes for a couple of weeks. (I know she has been distracted by pepsigate and shitbubbles and all…)

Today I am feeling particularly bad-ass, so I offer these to my online community:

Lorissa, by Sam Edelman, sells for #200.95 at Zappos. They also come in white. My husband would absolutely FREAK about what those studs could do to the carpet floor mats in my car. But they do look tough. Think what you could do to someone with a backward kick! Hmmmm. Maybe my daughter needs a pair…


  1. One just needs to be very careful when crossing ones legs...

  2. Could be hell on stockings, as well. Ahh, the sacrifices we make for fashion.

  3. Wow! My last shoe was 7/1. What the hell have I been doing?