Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I’m Too Old For This Now

Today brought many good things.
  • YouTube removed the offending still shot from my iGoogle page.
  • Clinic finished early.
  • One of my patients was waiting for a possible transplant when I left.
Pretty woman with flowersThe latter, unfortunately, led to a multitude of pages overnight, leaving me a bit sleep-deprived. I used to be able to stay up 36 hours straight without a problem, back when I was a resident and a new mom. Now, not so much.
The All-Star game is not helping, either. More appears to be happening than in a World Cup match, but not much more.
I am ready to lie back and relax. I will opt out of the flowers in the hair, though. They just seem like too much work.
So goodnight, all. I read an article to blog today, but I just cannot do it justice right now.
Sweet dreams.

Image courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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