Tuesday, July 20, 2010

World’s. Toughest. Pedicure. Period.


Please forgive the photo of my toes, but I had to demonstrate the power of the Axxium pedicure. I had this UV-light-cured gel pedicure done 4 weeks ago today. My nails have grown out, so I will get it re-done this week, but THERE ARE NO CHIPS. I have worn nothing but sandals since having this done, and I was at Walt Disney World on vacation for one of those weeks.

My toes above sport Cajun Shrimp. I haven’t decided where to go next; probably a deep purple-y color.

I tried a manicure which lasted a whole week. Unfortunately, I accidently cut into the polish on a sharp edge while I was doing some kitchen work. Removing this stuff is, well, a bitch. I may keep doing my hands with traditional polish most of the time, and save this procedure for travel.

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