Monday, July 19, 2010

Joys of Parenting

Photoxpress_1233465Being a mom is never boring, although sometimes I could use a bit less excitement. Even now, with my “baby” scouting out universities for 2011, he can still provide moments that remind me not to take anything too seriously.

Last week I was up to my eyeballs in clinic patients when I realized I had not turned the ringer off on my BlackBerry. I realized this because it was ringing, of course, and my son was calling. Tim is a texter, not a caller, so I answered. If he wanted verbal communication, fire or massive blood loss was probably in progress. The conversation went something like this:

Tim:  “ Mom, I have a hypothetical question.”

Me:  “OK. Make it quick. I am working.”

T:  “Suppose someone cut off my left sideburn. How can I make it look even with the right one?”

M:  “Well, I would cut off the right one even with the left. And what do you mean by ‘hypothetical?’”

T:  “OK, so technically this isn’t a hypothetical question. Is there anything else I could try besides cutting off the right one?”

M:  “Who the hell is cutting your hair?”

T:  “A friend. She, I mean he or she, forgot to put the guard on after cleaning out the clippers and whacked off the sideburn accidently.”

M: “Look, I think you will have to cut the other one off even and let them grow back. Maybe you should go to the barber and get it done. I have patients to see. Talk to you later.”

T:  “OK. Bye, Mom.”

About 30 minutes later he shared his solution with me:

I took the guard off and buzzed my head. I am officially bald.

He also posted the “officially bald” part on his facebook wall. I knew it must be true.

Of course, we have to get senior photos done soon. His father felt doing this just before their college tours may not have been his best idea. I’m hoping they will assume he had chemo recently and come up with more scholarships, but I have always been a dreamer.

It’s only hair. It will grow back. And I have had a great story to share.

Image courtesy of PhotoXpress.


  1. Better to be bald than to be wearing a fucking douchey cap like in that picture.

  2. Tim spends the whole summer in a baseball cap anyway. It's a bit loose now, but it hasn't interfered with his game.