Sunday, September 20, 2009

Omaha Fashion Week: Who Knew?

Last night was Girls’ Night Out. Last  year I purchased a wine tasting at a charity auction, and we started the evening there. All agreed that we learned a lot about wine; we also found out that the storeI'm gonna get you has spa nights with pedicures, facials, and wine tastings. We will be back.

My mom, daughter, and I then ate dinner. Then my kid took me to Omaha’s Fashion Week show. Omaha has fashion week? Apparently they do!

They closed off a block in downtown Omaha near some trendy clubs and bars. A giant catwalk and stage dominated the space. Every chair was filled, and the parking decks and overpasses were packed with spectators.

Local designers showed off their stuff on local models. Cameras flashed and telephoto lenses waved. No movie stars, but the event rocked! Of course, nothing on the runway will be in my wardrobe; I don’t think they have 48 year old professional women in  mind, especially the guy who did a goth-inpired collection in red and black patent pleather.

It was a GREAT evening, and I am delighted to see a venue for local artists.

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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