Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today I planned to write about the inexplicable hub-bub that has greeted Obama’s speech to schoolchildren today. I have listened to it while traveling and unable to blog.

As a schoolgirl, I remember reading interviews with Richard Nixon in Weekly Reader where he talked about studying hard. If there is any leader in recent memory that I would NOT want indoctrinating schoolchildren, Tricky Dick is the guy. I don’t seem to have been indoctrinated by his efforts, though latent effects would explain some of the behavior demonstrated this week…

I was going to write about this issue, but then I followed a link to Discover’s Bad Astronomy Blog. It links to the text of speech, and discusses the issues so eloquently, that I have nothing left to add.DiscoverBlog

So if you like what I write, follow the link…

The news about this story has been absolutely unbelievable. I can’t believe what is essentially a motivational speech has been spun as socialist. As initially tweeted by Terrified Tabetic (@ttabetic):

Overheard: "I am starting to suspect that some Dr. Evil managed to pour dumbfuck juice in the national water supply. srsly."

We all must do everything we can to combat ideologic fuckwittery.

So study hard and take responsibility for your education!

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  1. Speeches by US Presidents with whose politics I did not agree then or now failed to indoctrinate my younger self either...