Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We, The People


Today passed quickly on the Hill in DC. Advocacy is always an interesting experience. I am amazed that a brief walk through a metal detector and having my bag x-rayed allows me access to my elected officials. So my heels set off the detector the first time through… eventually they went through the x-ray box and we were in!

ANYONE can do this! We had made appointments ahead of time with some key members (and their key-er staffers), while we dropped by other offices with contact information and materials about our issues.

We passed several groups in the halls. Some wear tee or polo shirts displaying their group or cause. Others carried signs or other props. All were there for the same thing that brought us: personally extending our opinions to our elected officials. (Note: my group did not wear matching uniforms of any sort, just nice business clothing).

Will they do what we ask? Some will, some won’t. Some will decline for political reasons, others will frankly disagree with our opinions and information. In the end, we made our voices heard for the American Physiologic Society.

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress. Yeah, I forgot my real camera, and the phone camera image wasn’t good enough…

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