Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upgrades and other lies


I live by my BlackBerry. I have a lot of duties that take me off of my main campus, and away from my desk even when I am there. My BlackBerry lets me keep up with patients, family, lab, and administrative messages. I can communicate by phone, email, text, or tweet just by thumb typing.

Until a few weeks ago, all was electronic bliss. Then I noticed that my calendar was funky. Appointments I entered on the BlackBerry wouldn’t show up on my desktop. I started re-entering appointments on the computer, then deleting them on the BlackBerry. Annoying, but doable. I let my IT guy know, and he said it was probably the result of a ….

Key spooky music here:


Everyone seemed to have some sort of synchronization issue; so far, I was the only calendar complaint.

He waited a few more weeks, then suggested that I wipe my device and reassociate it with the server. Now, wiping a BlackBerry requires reinstalling a bunch of software and tracking down registration codes. It is not to be done lightly, but I was game.

So last week we did the deed. I almost have everything registered again, but now I have a new problem. When I delete emails on the BlackBerry, they do not delete on the desktop client. The settings clearly state to “delete on handheld and desktop.” I am at a loss.

So I beg my administration to quit upgrading. It rarely seems to improve anything.

The photo was taken from Wired.com via Google Images. Since their web address shows prominently, I have linked to them, and I am giving them credit for the image, I hope that they will not complain about my probable copyright violation…

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