Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Open Letter to an Omaha Driver


I encountered you this morning waiting to get on the major east-west route in town. The line of autos stretched about a block from the entrance to the express lanes, but it moved at a reasonable pace. When my car had almost reached the ramp entrance, you pulled up in the lane to my left, turned on your signal, and tried to hog in.

I did not let you in, and I know you believe that I am an incredible bitch. While that may be the case, you must have an inflated vision of your importance. At least 20 cars waited patiently in line to enter Dodge Road; why are you SO SPECIAL that you can bypass the line?

Would it really have been a problem to backtrack and get in line? Or to continue to the next cross road? This situation occurs every morning around 8. You have local plates.

Omaha drivers value civility, and someone a few cars back finally let you in. But I won’t.

Art courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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