Friday, September 4, 2009

Signs of the Season

It is now, officially, in my mind… autumn!

Back to school! Is it because school has started? No, my son has been back in class for more than 3 weeks. Besides, the stores start trumpeting their supplies and clothing as soon as the Fourth of July gear goes on clearance. No, back-to-school smells more of sunblock than apple cider.


Perhaps a sign of nature triggers my mood. Colored leaves? Not yet… Shorter days? Not enough to spoil evenings yet… Labor Day? Traditional, but not the real trigger…

What makes me feel that the season changed this week?


College football! Last night the first fans of the ‘09 season donned spiritwear, painted bare chests, and tail-gated. The smell of fall is a grilled brat and a cold bottle of beer. Right now, all things are possible… unless you are an Oregon fan, and I am not certain that their top-20 status will survive the match last night with Boise State.

My weekend will be filled with both live and televised gridiron matches. May everyone be so lucky!

Photos of bus and leaves courtesy of PhotoXpress. Football image from

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