Friday, September 11, 2009

Wardrobe Maintenance

Photoxpress_4171617 Now for the surest sign of a change of seasons: closet clean-out!

Every spring and fall as I exchange the linen for the cashmere, I sort through my wardrobe for stuff I haven’t worn. If an item has hung in the closet through its entire season, gathering dust, then it deserves a new home. I get to make room for “update items", new purchases that will make my outfits look 09/10 instead of 99/00. Photoxpress_1687572

Sometimes one or two pairs of shoes accompany the clothing. Occasionally, a “good buy” at DSW becomes a “fashion don’t.” But shoes generally have more staying power in my closet.

My hubby left an hour ago for a football game, while I am here in town, covering the patient service. I will use the time to edit my clothing and make my closet functional again.

And maybe I will find some time to shop…

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  1.! I too cleaned out the closet. I gave away 6 bags of clothes, but only one pair of shoes.

  2. Unfortunately, sick patients kept me from getting all accomplished that I had planned...